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We are a Software Development company that helps DAOs create solutions for their on-chain systems.



LATAM is our home, the reason we exist. Talent comes in no specific shape-color, Formless. We know the systems we build are chained, but everyone is free of mind and soul.

Reliable & Efficient

Our philosophy is to provide trustness by building consistent and functional software for a better decentralized. Radish thrives to help DAOs in the unexpected.


As the software we help DAOs create, our team is not framed to the common thinking. The idea of being centralized simply kills us.

Radish-trusted companies.

We've built game-changing products for this amazing companies. Plus, we've forged some lit partnerships along the way.

Some of our work

Sochi Lending Protocol: A cross-chain yield―generating protocol where fees help families with NO access to banking services in Latin America have financial inclusion.

Safescan: Safes's balances, transactions, owners and delegates.

Diva Airdrop UI: Divstaking claim frontend for Airdrop